Why go to Antarctica?

Why go to Antarctica?

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Everybody seems to be talking about Antarctica these days.

THE ENORMOUS WHITE BLOB at the bottom of the globe is on the tippy-top of many travel bloggers’ bucket lists, and although I understand that Antarctica is remote and vast and overwhelmingly beautiful, I just don’t see why there is the sudden rush to be the next traveler down among the icebergs.

Penguins, solitude, untouched landscapes…I enjoy all these things as much as the next guy, but I am not planning on scraping together thousands of dollars to venture to the bottom of the earth.

JD Andrews — aka earthXplorer — is a great guy and a great photographer and I am glad that he went to Antarctica (anything the guy points his camera at turns to gold). My respect for JD’s work led me to give this video a watch, and I’m glad I did.

Hearing the crew and passengers describe their experience with the frozen continent gave me a new appreciation for travel to Antarctica, even if I don’t want the bragging rights of visiting bestowed upon me.

Maybe I am just an Antarctica scrooge.

But scrooge that I well may be, I don’t believe all the people who profess a burning desire to go to Antarctica want to go for the right reasons, given the massive amount of resources it takes to get there. Bragging rights is a lame and perhaps irresponsible motivation. Then what is a responsible motivation? Curiosity? Inspiration? A life-long dream? Because you can? Science? Art?

I don’t know.

I am not implying that everyone who has gone or will go to Antarctica is a going for bragging rights, but I believe it may be the exclusivity of the journey that provides some impetus for such southerly travel — the narcotic look of wonder and all the amazing photos come later.

Is it the exclusive appeal of ‘Club Antarctica’ that has the travel blogging world in its grip, or is it the frozen landmass itself? Is it a little of both? Is there anything wrong with that?

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